Stansport Emergency Survival Kit

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The Stansport Emergency Survival Kit is the ultimate take-along kit for outdoor survival. The heavy gauge vinyl self sealing Velcro top waterproof utility pouch with carrying cord contains the following essentials: waterproof matchbox waterproof matches fishing line hooks and sinkers emergency blanket sewing needles Morse code chart signal mirror flashlight (batteries not included) compass wire saw poncho whistle and sterile blade.

Heavy-gauge Vinyl

  • Self-sealing Velcro Top

  • Waterproof Utility Pouch With Carrying Cord

  • * Carrying Case Includes: Waterproof Matchbox Waterproof Matches Fishing Line Hooks & Sinkers Emergency Blanket Seweing Needles Morse Code Chart Signal Mirror Flashlight Compass Wire Saw Poncho Whistle &sterile Blade